Press photographs with accompanying texts



  Photo 1

Martinus 30 years old (1921) – 4 months after his cosmic fire initiation

Photo 2

Hans Christian Andersen could make reality into a fairy tale.
Martinus shows that reality is the fairy tale!

Photo 3

Martinus 44 years old (1935)
The first volume of Livets Bog had been published. Livets Bog 1-7 is the main work in The Third Testament, which untill now has been published, either completely or partially, into 19 languages.

Photo 4

Martinus and the main symbol. The year is 1955 and his work with the most important of the cosmic analyses in The Third Testament has been completed.

  Photo 5 (symbol)

This shows The Old Testament's idea of morality: "An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth". We see the troubled world of today and the cause of war. Selfishness and spiritual ignorance lead human beings into Doomsday.

The title of the symbol: Through the initiation of darkness – Hell or Armageddon.

Photo 6 (symbol)

This shows The New Testament's idea of morality: "Love your enemies". We see peace and the road to it.

The symbol with the Christ-like being is called "The finished human being in the image of God after his likeness".

  The above symbols from the covers of Martinus' books are a representation of the cosmic view of life: The body (the heart) is just a tool for the eternally existing I (the triangle) behind the organism. We evolve from one life to another (the rectangles), from animal (orange) to human being (yellow). By "reaping what we sow" (the arcs) we become more mature and make our way towards the state of being all-loving and the true life one with God in the higher worlds that awaits us (the background radiance) once we have become satiated with selfishness.  

Foto 7

Here we can see the whole cycle of which the transition from animal to human being is merely an (unpleasant) phase. This transition (positioned on the symbol beside the Earth) takes place over several thousand years and finishes in a true human kingdom (the little coloured star) here on Earth.

In its entirety the symbol represents God (the symbol as a whole) and the sons of God (the little circles). Everything in the universe is God. In God we live, move and have our being. All living beings – everything that exists – share the same eternal structure and identity. The white colour symbolises that it is the same "I" behind all created organisms. Love is therefore the keynote of the universe, from micro- to macro-cosmos.

The cosmic analyses explain "The eternal world picture, the living being II, the eternal Godhead and the eternal sons of God" (the name of the symbol).


Foto 8

The Third Testament consists of Martinus' collected published works (here in the English edition). The divine world plan behind evolution is explained in text and symbols.