The Third Testament is: 'the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit'



An extract from the Preface to the book "The Third Testament / Intellectualised Christianity": 
"…The title, 'The Third Testament' refers to my main work 'Livets Bog' and 'The Eternal World Picture' as well as my other books, all of which have the common aim of guiding present-day as well as future generations to the whole truth that Jesus Christ could not give his earthly contemporaries on account of the generally primitive and unintellectual stage they were at.

As we know, the Bible consists of The Old and The New Testaments. And these two testaments represent respectively the old, 'heathen' world impulse and the Christian world impulse, whereas my work represents the new world impulse that, in a progressive extension of and connection to the two previous world impulses, is intended to mark out the evolutionary direction for the human beings on our globe over the coming millennia, making it possible for them to consciously co-operate in the direction of the enormous cosmic exercising of will that makes up this world impulse…"

An extract from the Prologue to the book "The Third Testament / Intellectualised Christianity": 
"…I am aware that I am putting many people's scepticism to an extremely hard test, in fact to such a hard test that it could perhaps lead to me being crucified, were it not for the fact that God has another plan with me. One should understand in this respect that I have not come into the world in order to be a new Christ-like model for God's creation of human beings in his image after his likeness. One of the reasons that Christ came into the world was to demonstrate the 'culmination of universal love'. Was not this one of the things that took place on the cross? – What love can be greater than that one, in the midst of the culmination of the greatest sufferings in life that one's enemy can inflict, one prays to God to forgive the very people who were the originators of the crime? – Here God has therefore shown human beings, through Christ's behaviour, the very peak or final stage in the creation of the human being in his image after his likeness. There was no need for him to do it again. Now it is the human beings themselves who will begin to study the divine knowledge that is available in an intellectual form, and to experience and see personally the truth in the 'eternal light', thereby gradually becoming 'Christ-beings' or finished human beings in God's image after his likeness. But human beings were not able to understand Christ during his physical lifetime, they could not understand why they should follow the road of darkness, suffering and crucifixion, absolutely not as a punishment, but exclusively in order to arrive at this divine height of perfection, life experience and way of being. For this reason he had to announce to mankind the solution to the mystery of darkness, and thereby the science that the light would be revealed to them, in the form of 'the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit'. What is 'the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit'? – It is certainly not a person or a new Christ who will come to mediate between the Godhead and human beings. This "spirit of truth" is a revelation of world truth. It is a science of the universe and consequently of God. It must be a record of the solution to the mystery of the universe. It is thus a 'book' that people can read just as they can read the Bible.
This 'Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name' that Christ predicted is thus a 'book of life' or a 'book of knowledge' that will be made manifest to mankind.
But a real book of truth that deals with the Godhead and the universe can be nothing other than the continuation of the cosmic world culture that Christ initiated almost two thousand years ago and that we know under the term 'Christianity'. It has to be a book that can create intellectual, not dogmatic, schools and colleges of Christianity. It must be a book that reveals the finished, perfected Christian world culture in a physical as well as a spiritual manifestation. It must be a book that shines a light through the culmination of both darkness and light and the vital function in the universe that is a result of this: the immortality of living beings. It must be a book that presents infinity and eternity and the resultant living, vital functions in the form of time and space, which on analysis can be reduced to 'omniscience' and 'omnipotence', and which when in perfect co-operation constitute 'universal love' and are thereby the same as that which is eternally alive in living beings. This brings us to the 'fixed point' of the universe and its source, the 'Father of Life', the absolutely one and only all-pervading, radiant and eternal Godhead.

Such a book cannot avoid containing the 'much more' that Christ could have told mankind but that God wanted to give future generations at a later date. Such a book cannot avoid being 'the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit'. Owing to the fact that it fundamentally substantiates Christianity and is thereby related to the two testaments of the Bible, it can quite justifiably be called 'The Third Testament'. This Third Testament is consequently a book of wisdom or a book of knowledge. It reveals to us the eternal radiance of universal love. It points towards the 'image of God', and all living physical beings are, through reincarnation or rebirth, in the process of being made in this image. In the Third Testament all unfinished beings, that is to say 'physical beings', animals as well as humans, are seen to be on the same path, a path that leads inevitably to cosmic consciousness and thereby to the experience of the golden radiance of the universe, the golden light, to what is eternally alive in living beings and, as a consequence, to an experience of 'Christ consciousness' and being 'one with God'. Christ was the model for the creation of God's consciousness in man. Did not Christ say, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me'? How could he be 'in the image of God' without this capacity? And how could any other being be created in this likeness without that necessarily leading to the same capacity? 'The Counsellor, the Holy Spirit' is thus, in the form of the Third Testament, a continuation of the teachings of Christ. It is a continuation of the message of the eternal light from 'the star of Bethlehem'. In this everlasting light the solution to the greatest principles of life are revealed to the world, thereby revealing Christianity as the unshakeable, vital foundation of happiness and bliss as well as the basis of the existence of the universe."